4 Steps to Organize Your Traffic Exchange in a System
by Joop Liefaard

Traffic is money, everybody knows and there are many ways of generating traffic to your sites. Free or paid ads, safe lists, ezines, traffic exchange, pay per click ... there really are many possibilities.

One of these are the so-called traffic exchange pages or start pages. Through the page you surf the Internet and visit pages of other netpreneurs and with the credits you earn your page is shown in return.

You can find many of these start pages on the Internet. Sign up one or two, add your business url as the target url and start surfing. The number of visitors to your business sites will increase a little but probably not enough to get some good prospects for your business. No, to make good use of the possibilities of start pages you have to organize them and make a system.


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As I wrote in a previous newsletter, I am not fully convinced of the positive effects of start pages but you can really increase the number of visits to your site if you use a system.

This article is about how you can easily set up this system and increase traffic considerably. Follow the four steps and see the results for yourself.

Step 1 : The Site rotator

The first step is to set up a site rotator. A rotator contains the url's of the business sites you want to promote. So you first have to add all your business url's to the site rotator. (There are start pages that don't accept more than one pop-up, so you better avoid them).The rotator gives you an url that you have to use to set the rotator as the home page in your web browser. You need this url later. In this system you don't use it in your browser but as the target url of your start pages. After filling the site rotator you proceed to step two. A good site rotator is Rotateapage, which you can find here, but when you search in a search engine you will find more.

Step 2: The start Pages

The next step is to sign up for start pages. I use 35 start pages but it may be more. Here you find a list of good start pages. There are more but these ones work well and they are free.

Clicksilo Fantastic Hits Fast Freeway
Global Traffic Trader Hit Pulse Hits All Over
Hitsnapper Referral Traffic Startblaster
Traffixdepot Trade a click Topsurfer
Traffic Roundup StartFrenzy VipEntrance
WebBizInsider Web Meld Wise Hits
Cash Clicking 1 Heluva NoMoreHits
TrafficG Hit Harvester Click4Hits
Counter Crazy iLOVEClicks Yesmorehits
AdEfficient TrafficRun Paidtosurfer
Surg4Hits Ezhits4u Webmasterquest
Traffic Swarm Surfclix  

When you set up your start page you have to enter a target url. Enter the url of the site rotator as mentioned in step 1. The fact that all the start pages point to the site rotator causes that your business url's in the rotator will be displayed to the members of the start pages. How this works you can read in step 3.

Step 3: TX Launcher

With the TX launcher, a popular name for Traffic Exchange Launcher, you can organize your start pages. In this program you can make groups of start pages in order to use at the same time. In my system I use 35 start pages. In TX Launcher I have made 7 groups of five pages, one for each day in the week (the program allows more url's in each group). A group of five start pages for Sunday, a group for Monday, a group for Tuesday etc., etc. The program is very easy to set up. When you have done this you set the url of your TX Launcher as the home page of your web browser. When you click the home button, TX Launcher is started and you see the groups on your screen. Click the day of the week and the five start pages of the group of that day open simultaneously and you can start surfing and/or clicking these pages. When a start page allows you 2 hits in one minute and you click for half an hour you add up to a total of 60 hits. With five pages this is 300 hits. In return your business url's are exposed in approximately the same number, depending on the ratio of the start page (some have 1:1, others 2:1 05 10:9 etc.).

The TX Launcher comes with a free version that allows you to set up one group. However, there is also a pro version, in which the number of groups is unlimited, for only $10 US. It is almost a gift! You can find and register the TX Launcher here.

Step 4: Surfing

This step is the easiest one. Sit back, take a cup of coffee and start surfing. You will see the counter of your business pages move a lot faster.

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