"Get Your Own Stinkin' Niche!"

By Ryan Deiss

It pains me everytime I see it...

A guy (we'll call him Hank) decides one day that he's going to start his own online business. Hank doesn't have a clue where to begin, so he invests his hard-earned money into a few Internet marketing related products.

Great...nothing wrong here.

Hank read them all, cover to cover, and when he gets to the end he sees a message that reads something like this...


Your Full Name:

E-Mail Address:



"Now that you've read 'How to Make a Gazillion Dollars on the Internet in 5 Minutes', Why Don't You Become an Affiliate and Make Tons of Money Promoting It?!"

It's at this point when our good friend Hank gets off track.

You see, there's nothing wrong with authors of Internet marketing materials promoting their affiliate programs in their books. Heck, they'd be stupid not to.

However, there is something wrong when all the "Hanks" of this world (the people who are just getting started on the Internet) decide that they need to become affiliates of such products and make them their primary marketing focus.

"Why?" you ask.

Because if the "Hanks" jump on the Internet marketing bandwagon right off the bat, chances are slim that they'll ever find their own niche in the vast online marketplace. And not developing your own niche is one of the surest ways to sabotage your business before it even begins.

Let's take Hank, for example. If Hank decides that his business is going to focus on promoting other Internet marketer's products, let's look at what all he has going against him?

Well first off, the competition is fierce. Not only is Hank competing against the Internet marketing gurus themselves (the creators of the products he's promoting), he's also competing against all the other "Hanks" who decided to promote Joe Guru's product.

This, by the way, is not a good formula for success.

A much better idea would be to do what Jim did. Now unlike Hank, Jim is a real person. He's actually Jim Nelson of JuggleNow.com. (Here's his URL: http://www.jugglenow.com)

Also unlike Hank, Jim set himself apart from the crowd by marketing products to a niche group of people where the competition was much less fierce. And if you think there aren't enough jugglers out there to support a site like this, think again!

After only 14 months online, Jim is seriously thinking about retiring from his full-time job in the not-too-distant future. For so many people, that is a dream that will never be realized.

So here's the ultimate question...are you a Hank or a Jim? (By the way, even if you're name happens to be Hank, you can still be a Jim for the purposes of this article.) ;-)

My hope is that you'll be a Jim, and I promise there are enough niche markets out there to go around. If you don't believe me...here's another example of a friend of mine who's first site had nothing to do with Internet marketing...


This site is brand new but the potential is HUGE because there are literally thousands of new people trying to become pilots every year! And this is just one product. He has an entire line of products just waiting to be developed and rolled out to this niche group.

What's to stop you from doing the same thing in a niche that interests you? (Answer: NOTHING!)

In the end, my hope is that by using the sites above as examples, you'll be able to think of new and unique ways to "Get your own stinkin' niche!"

Ryan Deiss has made a career for himself on the Internet by creating products that make people say, "Why didn't I think of that?" Some of his products include:
Opt-In Automator --> http://www.OptInAutomator.com
Pop-Up Rotator --> http://www.PopUpRotator.com
"The Great Ezine Experiment" --> http://www.EzineExperiment.com

Ryan also publishes the "Webs Worth Watching" Newsletter which you can check out at --> http://www.SiteSightings.com



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