Are You MAC Friendly...Should You Be?
By Rick Adams

Do you know what MAC friendly means? When I started out I didn’t. I knew what a MAC (short for Macintosh computer) was, but I really didn’t know what MAC friendly meant.

One of my Costly Online Blunders ebook buyers pointed this out to me through a series of emails.

Do you realize that there are approximately 25,000,000 MAC users in the world? I’ve heard that MAC users make up about 25% of your potential market. I’ve also heard they have money to spend on Internet marketing products too. :-)


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Most Internet marketing software is geared towards PC users - meaning it can only run on a PC that is running a Windows operating system. A MAC uses a different type of operating system.

Software products that run under Windows end with .EXE. A MAC cannot read a .EXE type application without some special software that runs on the MAC and emulates a Windows environment. This is expensive software and most MAC users hate to run software in this mode.

If you are selling a product, are you catering to MAC users as well as PC users? If not, maybe you should. Why intentionally exclude 25% of your potential market by not having your product MAC friendly?

Here are some things to think about to make your site and/or product MAC friendly.

  1. On your website, make sure you indicate that your product is or is not MAC compatible. State it up front on your sales page. Don't make the MAC visitor hunt down a compatibility statement. Make it visible. The last thing you want is for them to buy your product and then ask for a refund when they find out they can’t use it. Ex:"PC and MAC compatible" OR "PC Only"
  2. If you are selling an ebook, offer it in a MAC compatible format like Adobe Acrobat PDF. Many of the ebook compilers generate .EXE files which are not compatible with MAC’s.
  3. If you offer bundled products, make sure they are MAC compatible as well. I learned this the hard way. My ebook is in PDF format, but the product I bundled for the Gold Edition was not.
  4. If you offer bonuses, make sure they are MAC compatible.
  5. If you are selling a piece of software, consider making it web-based. Instead of someone downloading it to their computer, they access it via a web-page. This makes it generic to a PC or MAC user.

It does require the product to be developed as a web-based product and will require a logon function, and could increase your bandwidth requirements, but does open you up to a bigger target audience. Something to consider.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you’ll expand your target market and hopefully make more money.

Rick Adams is editor of The Online Blunder Buzz Ezine. Each
week 1-2 stories are highlighted with stories of "what not to
do." A savvy marketer knows that you can learn from other’s
mistakes and save your time and money.


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