Are You MAC Friendly...Should You Be?
describes what you should consider if you want to produce products for the entire Internet marketing audience as opposed to just PC or Windows users

Offer a Freebie

Not everyone coming to your site will buy the first time they visit. So how do you capture that traffic? Use an autoresponder to deliver content over a period of time. They’ll be back to buy in no time! Learn how to structure your autoresponders here.

Learn to Write Sales Copy

If there were one skill that could increase your sales, online or offline, it would be writing effective sales copy. While you may have thought it took some in-born talent, it's actually a skill that you can learn. Is it easy? Not for most people. Can you learn to do it better? Absolutely! Here are some of my favorite tools for writing better sales copy.

Become an Affliate

Adding affiliate links to your site is one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase your online sales. You already know what your visitors like and what they need. Provide it for them by recommending products. That's the nature of an affiliate link. You profit because your visitors appreciate your recommendations, plus the vendors you recommend send you a commission on each sale. It's a win-win-win situation! So here are some of my favorite affiliate programs.


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