The Top Ten Things That Prove You’ve Gone Over the Deep End With Internet Marketing

By Rick Adams

Ready ... here we go.

#10 - You’re Irish so you combine the “Luck of the Irish” with the Internet Money God and name your first male son "Yanik O’Reily."

#9 - Instead of telling your kids a bedtime story, you summarize the latest article on digital watermarking.

#8 - You record your answering machine with one of Armand Morin’s new audio testimonials.

#7 - The slang version of PDF is spoken at the dinner table and now stands for "Pass Da Food".

#6 - You burn a CD with Marlon Sander’s greatest audio email hits!

#5 - You create a bobble-head figure of Joe Vitale and use it to "hypnotize" your kids into eating their vegetables.

#4 - You replace your embroidered "Home Sweet Home" wall picture with a 17-inch flat panel screen displaying "Niche Sweet Niche."

#3 - You hire Ted Ciuba to market your own boot camp called ...
How To Get Rich and Understand Women Boot Camp.

#2 - You hold weekly tele-seminars with your relatives announcing the plans for your daughter’s wedding. Each week you select one participant to receive a free ticket to the wedding (value $1,997) otherwise they can get in for the discounted rate of $997. This price does allow them to bring one guest.

And The #1 Thing That Proves You’ve Gone Over the Deep End with Internet Marketing is ...

#1 - You create a digital photo album named ... Classics: The History of Marlon Sanders website photographs!

What every savvy Internet marketer ought to know—"How To TURBO-CHARGE Your Success Process By Learning From Other People’s Blunders!"


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