This is the best deal I've found. You get the resale rights to 50 different software packages. Plus a ton of ebooks. Many come with their own sales pages, as well as bonus packages. You won't find a better value - even if you just use it for yourself! You pay a one-time fee for all of it. Check it out!

If you want to offer a new ebook every month, you'll love Jimmy D. Brown's products. You pay a monthly fee, then get the resale rights to a new product every month. Plus, you can customize the links in it for a small additional fee. Every product comes with a sales page ready for you to customize. Jimmy is building each month's products on prior months, so the sooner you join the better. You'll love this!

One of the original ebook resale sites is still alive and well. Here you'll get two new ebooks each month. Plus you have access to every ebook they've ever offered. Bonuses and other offers come along as you continue your membership. All of the products have their own sales page that you can customize and load to your site. One of my all-time favorites.


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